Conference Programme 2020



Trust me, we’re doing DevSecOps

12 Mar 2020
Theatre 2
Application security and DevSecOps

Many of the Dev*Ops talks revolve around tools and culture. There are some good, fascinating talks all shouting: “All for the great (business) good!”  Yet, they rarely address topics at the interpersonal, relationship level. Pipelines and automation increases our confidence in the process, but does it increase our trust in people? Are we really asking the right questions when we adopt a new tool or do yet another company transformation?

• We start the talk by looking into different models of trust (the currency of trust, faith vs trust, trust vs beliefs...)

• Translate them to day-to-day activities in organisations (reviewing a pull request, security audits, the backlog graveyard, full stack development...)

• How trends like DevOps and DevSecOps relate to trust and confidence (autonomous teams, you build it you run it, hiring for remote...)

• As an extra bonus we will hold a mirror to ourselves while exploring how we trust tools (how we pick an OSS library, select a SaaS solution, the Ikea Effect, chaos engineering...)

• Finally we validate how we can make ourselves more trustworthy (borrowing from Promise Theory)

I have no psychology degree, but given my grey hair and lots of stories from the trenches, I hope you can trust me enough to give you an entertaining and thoughtful talk.

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