Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

12 - 13 MARCH 2019 EXCEL, LONDON


Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • DevOps Live
  • Smart IoT
  • Big Data World
  • Blockchain Tech World
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • DevOps Live
  • Smart IoT
  • Big Data World
  • Blockchain
  • Data Centre World

Oracle Speaking Stream


Oracle is delighted to be a Premier Partner and Sponsor at the co-located Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud Security Expo, Big Data World and Smart IoT.  We have created the Oracle Speaking Stream which will run through the conference covering data-driven innovation, blockchain, data science, devops, fast cars, bees and space…..  Feel free to drop into our speaking sessions and then join us for a coffee and a chat at the Oracle Café 

Take a look at our program of content Oracle Speaking Stream and then join us for a coffee at the Oracle Café. 

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Bees, Space & Data Science - How to find value from Data Science in Social, Environmental and Business applications


In a world where change is constant, how do you predict trends and make sense of your data? If data is your most valuable asset, are you maximising the opportunity it presents? We’ll look at some innovative uses of data, how it is collected and how it is used to drive reliable and meaningful transformation. 

Ian Sharp, Lead Data Scientist

A Modern Approach to Application Development in the Cloud


This session will look at the Modern Development approaches to developing and deploying applications into the Cloud.  We will highlight an approach, tools and capabilities to use open source technologies to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud to support DevOps approaches.

Stephen Bourke, Master Principal IaaS Consultant, Oracle

Concerned about your infrastructure security? 


With security breaches on the rise, the ability to apply security fixes with no downtime is critical, especially as more businesses use container technology to build cloud-based applications.
Oracle Ksplice technology enables you to improve the security of your infrastructure by applying security patches without disrupting operations or rebooting systems.
In this session we will discuss how to:
• Address Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)  in a timely manner to improve security
• Increase reliability and compliance 
• Lower Op-Ex costs - no weeknight/weekend upgrades or unscheduled maintenance required
Hear from Vipul Sharma who specializes in Linux and Virtualization at Oracle and ask your questions about how to improve the security of your infrastructure.

Vipul Sharma, Technical Architect - UK and Ireland, Oracle

What Do Data-Driven Innovators Do That Others Can’t?


This fast-passed session will explore how successful companies are using data and emerging technologies to help engage positively with their customers at the right moment in time. Through a series of industry examples, John will demonstrate how new predictive technology will help make the data talk so you can deliver the most appropriate outcome for your customers and employees.

John Abel, Vice President - Cloud and Technology, UK, Ireland and Israel, Oracle


Bringing Enterprise to the Blockchain - Moving from Science Experiment to Practical Business Mainstream.

Blockchain is one of the most popular talking points in the IT industry today, with thousands of technical proofs, use-cases and experiments being planned and delivered to show the value of this technology.  For all of this, when asked about production deployments of blockchain for the real enterprises of today, most of the proponents of this value will demur when it comes to talking production. Bridging this gap between science experiment and an enterprise quality platform for the modern business requires a great deal of work, much of which is done by the growing community of vendors who are collaborating to deliver not just the technical requirement and use-case solutions for blockchain, but also the practical tools to use blockchain in a meaningful way within a business. join this session to hear about the 5 key qualities that any practically usable enterprise blockchain will need to deliver and how the collaboration of enterprise vendors is making the practical use of Blockchain a reality for organisations in 2018.

James Allerton Auston, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Platform

Get smart; stop reacting to what happened and prevent what might happen with the next-generation systems management

Customers are less tolerant of tech failures as they expect their tech infused customer experience to constantly get better. At the same time, the level of technical change required for that fast-changing experience makes IT complex to manage and further raises the risk of outages and security breaches. The Oracle Management Cloud Service helps IT and business leaders understand how their business is functioning, it uses machine learning (it’s fabric) to assess why problems are occurring, and uses those same monitoring capabilities to also secure and protect. This session will introduce you to next-generation security and systems management to provide your customers with a positive experience. 

Tania Le Voi, Director of Product Management Oracle

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