Exhibitor Press Releases


  • As web scrapping and data gathering remains one of the most popular attacks for recruitment sites, Variti introduces their soultion to detect and filter bots in real time. 

  • Newly formed organization preserves competition and ensures continued innovation in general purpose HSM market

  • NCP engineering Releases New VPN Clients for Android and macOS

    23 Jan 2019 Caroline Smith, Springboard Public Relations

    New Features Include Fingerprint Authentication and Enhanced Security Between Networks

  • Known for its proven manufacturing industries, from automotive to pharmaceutical, established financial core and growing industries, like cybersecurity and tech, Germany is an unofficial economic lead ...
  • Company reports more than 32 percent growth, finalizes four industry rocking acquisitions and expands international presence

  • Immersive Labs will be exhibiting at the Cloud and Cyber Security Expo 2019, which takes place between 12th and 14th March at Excel, London.


  • SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – Jan. 23, 2019 – Vade Secure, the global leader in predictive email defense, today published the results of its quarterly Phishers’ Favorites report which revealed that although Microsoft remains the top target for phishers, Netflix saw an incredible surge in Dec., making it the second most impersonated brand in Q4 2018. As a result of the increased activity surrounding Netflix, PayPal moved down the list to number three after having spent the past two quarters in the second seat. Banks round out the top five brands as Bank of America sits at number four and Chase at number five.

  • Many smaller companies are now outsourcing their cyber security to dedicated service providers who are using a security operation centre (SOC) and advanced managed detection and response (MDR) technology. What is a SOC and how does it protect against the constant and rapidly growing risk of cyber attack?

  • OneLogin Raises $100M

    10 Jan 2019 OneLogin

    OneLogin Raises $100M in Growth Financing to Increase Adoption of Unified Access Management

  • Cyber AI Defends Phoenix Pharmahandel’s Patient Contacts from Falsified Medicines

  • Experts from the NSA and Darktrace discuss AI, invisible security, and why you really need to change your passwords.

  • Company remains committed to building on vendor-agnostic, open-platform approach to support the heterogeneous environments of MSPs

  • NCP Extends its Product Family for Juniper SRX and vSRX Gateways

    04 Dec 2018 Caroline Smith, Springboard Public Relations

    The NCP Exclusive Entry Client Version 11.2 Provides Enhanced Security for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

  •  Alert Logic, the SIEMless Threat Management™ company, today announced it has teamed up with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to release support for two new native runtimes for AWS Lambda—Erlang and Elixer—adding Bring Your Own Language (BYOL) functions to AWS Lambda, allowing a larger pool of developers to leverage the platform. Developed by Alert Logic, this new support will allow Erlang and Elixer languages to run natively as AWS Lambda functions.

  • IoT-Security Kongress

    14 Nov 2018 Uniscon GmbH

    How can data from networked vehicles be evaluated in a legally compliant manner? And what other applications are there for a highly secure cloud platform? At the first IoT Security Congress organized by the TÜV SÜD subsidiary company Uniscon, everything revolved around IoT, data protection and IT security.

  • Tripwire Enterprise Now Collects Digital Forensic Data to Support Incident Response

    PORTLAND, Ore. – November 14, 2018 – Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced that Tripwire® Enterprise now features the ability to collect digital forensic data in the event of a data breach.

    "Tripwire Enterprise monitors systems in real-time for changes that could be indicative of a breach," said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. "When a security breach is suspected, Tripwire Enterprise's new Incident Response Rules can be used to collect in-depth data on what happened on a system to speed and support incident response."

    Tripwire Enterprise delivers forensic data from Windows-based systems file, network, process, USB, and USB artifacts. In each area, Tripwire Enterprise:

    • File Access: Identifies files which have been opened, searched for, or executed, including trusted Microsoft Office locations which may be abused by an attacker.
    • Network Artifacts: Identifies active network connections. These help in identifying whether malware is communicating with command and control servers, and check for active lateral movement from the endpoint.
    • Process Execution: Provides evidence of processes which have been executed on an endpoint. Tripwire Enterprise can show both actively running and executables which have evidence of having been run in the past.
    • USB Usage: Provides a list of actively installed USB drives, drives which have been installed in the past, and any mount points which may be set up on the endpoint. 
    • User Activity: Identifies actions the user has taken on the endpoint and what a user was searching for to help determine a malicious actor’s goal.
  • Eric Marterella, brings over two decades of global leadership and cyber security experience to digital risk and high-growth firm

  • PORTLAND, Ore. – October 31, 2018 – Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, announced today that the latest version of its vulnerability management solution, Tripwire® IP360™, Version 9.0.1, has achieved Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2 augmented with Flaw Remediation (EAL2+). Tripwire IP360 is currently one of 12 “Detection Devices and Systems” recognized globally as being Common Criteria Certified, which also includes Tripwire's secure configuration management solution Tripwire Enterprise.

    Internationally recognized as the evaluation standard for IT security products, Common Criteria certifications provide independent assurance to government and commercial agencies that the products being purchased satisfy security requirements for information systems.

    “Tripwire IP360 has a long history of enabling governments to accurately prioritize risk and take action on their most exposed assets,” said Mitchell Jukanovich, vice president of federal at Tripwire. “Achieving the most current Common Criteria Certification illustrates Tripwire’s continuing commitment to meet increasingly stringent U.S. national and international security standards and is assurance that we’re bringing the most secure products to market.”

    The certification was issued by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), the Government of Canada’s center for IT security expertise, advice and guidance, and a participant of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA). The CCRA brings together 28 nations who agree to accept a unified approach to the evaluations of IT products and protection profiles for information assurance and security. 

    As an industry-leading vulnerability and security risk management solution, Tripwire IP360 provides a comprehensive view of vulnerability risks across hybrid environments, including on-premise, in the cloud and in container-based environments. It offers both agent-based and agentless scanning options for a deeper, richer assessment of vulnerability risks, and prioritizes security risks within business context by combining business asset values with vulnerability scores.

    Tripwire’s award-winning cyber integrity solutions are used across every DoD Branch service, including Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, numerous intelligence agencies and more than 85 percent of the Federal Government’s civilian agencies.

    The Tripwire IP360 certification report is available at https://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/files/epfiles/383-4-446 CR v1.0.pdf 

    For more information on Tripwire IP360 please visit: https://www.tripwire.com/products/tripwire-ip360/

  • Through ongoing integration development with RapidFire Tools, Kaseya also announces Kaseya Compliance Manager, an all-in-one comprehensive compliance IT management security solution for MSPs and internal IT

  • ASP Test

    20 Aug 2018 ASP Test

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  • Tripwire for DevOps Saas Debuts

    08 Aug 2018 Ray Lapena

    Tripwire for DevOps Saas Debuts – The First Dynamic Container Vulnerability Assessment Service for the DevOps Pipeline

    PORTLAND, Ore. – August 08, 2018 – Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced the debut of Tripwire® for DevOps. After pre-releasing DevOps capabilities in an early access program earlier this year, Tripwire has launched Tripwire for DevOps as a generally available software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.  Tripwire for DevOps integrates security assessments into the DevOps life cycle and toolchain, providing visibility into the security state of underlying application infrastructure throughout the pipeline. 

    Complementing application and source code analysis tools, Tripwire for DevOps assesses container images and container registries for vulnerabilities, with additional features, such as the ability to assess configurations for compliance with security policies, in near-term release. It integrates with the CI/CD pipeline to ensure components meet security standards as they move through build and deploy DevOps stages.

    "As organizations move their application and service deployment to a DevOps model, it's vital that they integrate security into the actual process," said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. "In addition to securing custom code, businesses need to ensure that the application infrastructure and inherited code remain secure throughout the life cycle. We're excited to introduce a solution that embodies what's been referred to as 'DevSecOps,' true integration of security into the DevOps workflow."

    Tripwire for DevOps fully automates the assessment of container images in the CI/CD pipeline and can dynamically test live instances of application containers in an isolated, cloud-based sandbox. It can be used to establish quality gates at each stage to fail builds that don't meet defined security standards. It can also be used to simply monitor and assess repositories, providing visibility of potential risk without interfering with the roll-out process.

    In a report, Gartner analysts said, "Traditional application security testing relies on heavyweight, one-time gating inspections, typically performed during testing, taking days if not weeks and requiring security professionals to perform them. This won't work and it won't scale for DevSecOps. DevOps emphasizes continuous feedback and improved automation. Security needs to adopt and support a mindset where security starts at the very beginning of the service creation, throughout the DevOps processes, and is continuous, automated and improves with each subsequent iteration."*

    • Simplifying deployment and set-up, Tripwire for DevOps is a fully self-contained SaaS solution that features:
    • Integration with popular DevOps CI/CD build tools, including Jenkins, & TeamCity, with additional tools coming soon.
    • Compatibility with all Docker v2 repositories for container assessment.
    • A complete REST API and command line interface for DevOps engineers to write custom integrations.
  • NCP engineering Bridges the Gap Between Operational IT and Product/Production IT

    10 Jul 2018 Caroline Smith, Springboard Public Relations

    NCP Secure Enterprise Management Connects IIoT Security and Classic Remote Access

  • New functionality tackles publicly exposed cloud data; core secure configuration functionality now supports Google Cloud Platform

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- (BUSINESS WIRE)--Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced expanded support for cloud environments with Tripwire® Cloud Management Assessor (CMA). The solution now features File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) capabilities for addressing publicly exposed data in the cloud, and its core secure configuration management functionality now supports all major cloud providers, including Google Cloud Platform.

    "Tripwire is dedicated to helping organizations implement critical security controls in their environments, especially as these environments grow more complex with the adoption of hybrid and multicloud models," said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. "We've expanded our capabilities to help organizations keep their cloud environments properly configured and prevent inadvertent exposure of their data."

    New capabilities for addressing publicly exposed cloud data

    Tripwire CMA's new File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) capabilities allow organizations to discover publicly exposed cloud instances or "buckets." In light of several recent incidents where sensitive information was mistakenly left exposed on cloud servers, Tripwire CMA can be used to ensure buckets are properly configured and data is kept secure.

    The new FIM capabilities currently cover AWS S3 and Azure Blob and provide change monitoring of files stored in the cloud, as well as providing alerts to public-facing files and flagging suspicious or unauthorized changes. Additionally, these capabilities provide actionable information for mitigating issues.

    Secure configuration expanded to support all major cloud providers

    Tripwire CMA was launched in 2017 to help customers determine the security state of their cloud deployments by gathering, analyzing and scoring configuration data. It ensures that consoles are securely configured according to Tripwire policies, enabling customers to follow industry best practices like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. In addition to supporting AWS and Azure, Tripwire CMA’s core security configuration management functionality has expanded to include Google Cloud Platform. The cybersecurity solution monitors configuration changes that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a user’s cloud assets.

  • Echoworx President and CEO Michael Ginsberg says encryption has become part of the normal business process to prevent against data breaches and cyber-attacks and using it to automate processes has bee ...

Latest News

  • 20-Feb-2020

    We all know that CI and CD hold the power to drive digital transformation. These DevOps building blocks have allowed companies to optimise their productivity and foster innovation through high-velocity software iterations, and their far-reaching benefits have drawn attention not only from developer teams, but also from the likes of IT, operations, security, and leadership. To be precise, research has shown that security is one of the key stakeholders that are critical in DevOps implementation at 44 percent, followed by central IT admin at 38 percent, management and leadership at 25 percent, line of business managers at 23 percent, and so on.

    The post When DevOps meets Software Delivery Management: A perfect pair appeared first on Techerati.

  • 20-Feb-2020

    “The blockchain revolution in government has not lived up to expectations yet.” That’s according to government digital transformation expert Miquel Estapé. Estapé is Vice-President of Government Digital Innovation at The Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners and Deputy CEO of the Open Government of Catalonia Consortium.

    The digital transformation expert devotes much of his life to researching how emerging technologies can be harnessed to deliver improved and more innovative public services. Over the last few years, no emerging technology has caught the public sector’s (and wider society’s) imagination quite like blockchain. It has subsequently become a key research focus for Estapé, and will be the subject of his session at Blockchain Technology World in London this March.

    The post Blockchain in Government: Hollow, but hopeful appeared first on Techerati.

  • 20-Feb-2020
    Surgical Robots NHS

    Next-generation surgical robots have been hailed by doctors as “a leap forward in surgical precision” in the UK. Western General Hospital in Edinburgh was first to use the new Versius robotic arm technology in Europe, followed by Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust in Buckinghamshire.

    The post Next generation surgical robots hailed by NHS appeared first on Techerati.


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