2022 Conference Programme

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We're yet to launch our 2023 conference programme. In the meantime, feel free to explore our conference programme from March 2022 below, enabling you to get a sense of our theatre sessions.

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CCSE Multi-Functional Zone Roundtables
  1. Roundtable 3 - How FedEx DevSecOps journey implementing change within a large enterprise resulted in success, and what they learnt
    · Why we needed a DevSecOps journey and how that aligned with cloud strategy · We created a DevOps team – why? · Building the team and the right platform for our customers · Making Developer Experienc ...
Cloud & Cyber Security Keynote
  1. Over the past months, we’ve seen the Web at its best: enhancing lives, enabling business, and connecting people in creative, positive ways globally. We now look to the future of the Web and its contin ...
  2. Master class: Adopting the Zero Trust security model
    With the emergence of hybrid work and growing reliance on cloud technology, the Zero Trust security model is becoming the de facto posture at many organisations. Implementing Zero Trust is complex how ...
    • Zero Trust
    Panel discussion: Zero Trust – How to get started?
    Zero Trust is becoming the de facto security model for organisations that are operating in the cloud. It assumes that no device can be trusted, and multifactor authentication is required each time a d ...
  3. Business strategy: Adapting Zero Trust to Cloud with SSE
    Zero Trust is often considered an overly restrictive approach that needs to be adapted for dynamic and perimeter-less cloud environments.Adopting a Security Service Edge (SSE) approach provides greate ...
    • Zero Trust
    So, you’re sold on the idea of Zero Trust. Now you need to implement it. This session is aimed at any organisation at the beginning of its Zero Trust journey. This session will guide you through the k ...
    • Zero Trust
      Everyone wants to be famous, and in a world of selfies and social media, the internet provides the perfect platform to facilitate that. However, while validation and recognition from peers come with ...
  4. With security depth, comes complexity and pain
    This session will look at IBM's approach to Extended Detection and Response and how it helps organisations mature their response to threats, avoid vendor lock-in and enable their SOC teams to gain wid ...
    • Zero Trust
    Security strategies: Building a state-of-the art security operations centre using MITRE ATT&CK
    What is the MITRE ATT&CK framework and why is important? ATT&CK can be used to create adversary emulation scenarios to test and verify in-place cybersecurity controls against common adversary techniqu ...
    • Zero Trust
    The UK Mid-Market’s Cyber Security Code Red: Is Zero Trust the answer?
    Now the third most targeted nation by hostile states, the UK is under cyber-attack. With two in three mid-market organisations suffering an outage in 2021 and one in five paying a ransom, it's time to ...
  5. How do you manage diverse threats across multi-cloud infrastructure? How do you deploy applications with effective conditional access? DLP and secure baseline configuration provides a programmatic app ...
  6. Stop Chasing, Start Defending: Preventing Ransomware with Zero Trust
    Join ThreatLocker Senior Solutions Engineer, Ben Jenkins, as we discuss endpoint evasion techniques that are undetectable by most EDR/MDR and antivirus solutions. Understand how businesses are enhanci ...
    • Zero Trust
    Enhancing Zero Trust Postures with self-learning AI
    Insider threats, supply chain attacks, and compromised credentials appear again and again in today’s high-profile cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, organizations are opening up new doors to attackers as they ...
Cloud Security Theatre 1
    • Cyber Resilience
    Best practice: Agricultural revolution – how a global foods business transformed its security
    Global animal feed business AB Agri faced a challenge common to many fast-growing businesses. With a worldwide, multilingual, multi time zone workforce, that was using a wide variety of devices, syste ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    Cyber strategies: How to make working with third-parties safer
    Giving third parties access to your systems is an increasingly common and valuable business practice – be that a freelancer working on designs, a contractor writing code or partner company you’re coll ...
  1. Practical application: How to integrate ZTNA into the modern workplace
    Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the new industry standard for secure access to anything, from anywhere, by anyone. But there are several challenges to overcome when securing network access for you ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    Master class: Predictive defence to get ahead of the attackers
    For many years, organisations could only mount a defence against cyber security breaches after becoming aware they were infected - and this was often simply too late. But the emergence of predictive a ...
  2. Fireside discussion: How to achieve bank grade cybersecurity
    Join us to learn how Pollinate, an innovative UK cloud-based business partnered with BlueVoyant to achieve a bank-grade cyber defence ecosystem, efficiently and economically. Understand how to leverag ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    The big debate: How to defend against ransomware and vicious infections
    The current state of cyber security can almost feel like a state of total war - with malicious attackers continually seeking to extract value from their victims. And many businesses risk being overwhe ...
  3. Technical Talk: Your company through the eyes of 40,000 hackers
    How do actual hackers look at your company? Intigriti is a European community of 40,000 ethical hackers that help secure hundreds of organizations on a daily basis. How can your company effectively be ...
    • Emerging Tech
    The life of the CISO is tough – with more than enough going on managing information security risk. As more OT systems connect to your corporate network you have probably inherited OT risk whether you ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    Tech talk: Get familiar with XDR - Extended Detection & Response
    Organisations are using more devices, networks and clouds today than ever before. And this is making traditional security methods seem increasingly anachronistic. If you rely on multiple security tool ...
  4. Mitigating Ransomware Attacks
    Cyber-criminals have become thoughtful about ransomware attacks, taking time to maximise your organisation’s potential damage and their payoff. Protecting your network from this growing threat is more ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    The log4j or Log4Shell security vulnerability in December 2021 struck fear into the hearts and minds of IT admins and managers across the globe. In a world where services are increasingly migrating to ...
Cloud Security Theatre 2
    • Cyber Resilience
    Keynote address: Taking the right steps towards cyber security
    Today’s organisations face a diversity of security threats and are expected to employ a corresponding array of safeguards to defend against them.  In practice, however, some aspects often tend to rece ...
    • Human Factors
    The BIG debate: Creating a security-first culture
    A security-first culture is one where everyone in your organisation shares responsibility for identifying threats and avoiding risky practices. Non-technical employees take an active role in protectin ...
  1. Minimising risk from cyber threats: focus on reducing time to containment
    • Cyber Resilience
    End Cyber Risk
    End Cyber Risk: Arctic Wolf are the worldwide leader in Security Operations, with over 3000 customers of all sizes trusting it’s security operations cloud and the Concierge Security Team to give 24/7 ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    A trustworthy workforce is surely the Holy Grail for protecting your organisation’s data against theft and misuse. But fostering a culture of trust and transparency is easier said than done. Even with ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    Discuss and debate: how do your future proof your security teams?
    Cyber security is in crisis. Today's cybercriminals are more confident than ever before, yet at the same time there is an acute shortage of security staff with the appropriate skills. In this challeng ...
    • Cyber Resilience
    Case Study: How A UK Council Moved Their Network Defence to the Cloud to better deter ransomware and saved money in the process
    Like most large organizations, this  UK Council, representing over one million people, is no stranger to ransomware attacks and they realized they needed to improve their defensive capabilities. But t ...
    • Human Factors
    The events of the last two years have fundamentally changed the shape of workforces across many sectors, reshaping the traditional norms of how we work, shop, play, spend and even how we relax. The pa ...
    • Human Factors
    Levering the Cloud in OT Security
     Where many might deliberately avoid the cloud there are some potentially huge benefits to using the cloud to secure traditional on-premise OT environments, even in the most critical of environments. ...
  2. The Security Industry’s Epic Fail
    The headlines and ever-increasing data breach numbers are all the evidence needed to confirm that current security ecosystems are failing to protect modern organisations. Navigating the vendor landsca ...
    • Human Factors
    Two years behind closed doors – A review of the cyber activity seen during a global pandemic
    Nearly two years later we are all back at Cloud & Cyber Expo. Although the conference doors have been closed, the offices were empty and for the most of us, working from home. Doesn’t mean that the cy ...
Multi-Functional Zone Roundtables
  1. Rountable 4 - Innovating at the speed of cloud without compromising on security, risk and compliance
    We all know that public cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP enable you to deliver new products and capabilities at breakneck speeds. The challenge that everyone faces is how to effectively bal ...
  2. Roundtable 1 - Zero Trust: Mapping your Journey
    Zero Trust promises significantly improved security and operational effectiveness, resiliency, and efficiency. However, each enterprise must design their own journey from their current state to their ...
  3. Roundtable 2 - How To Use AI to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity
  4. Round Table 2 - Global Risk Research: Is Low C-suite Engagement Imperilling Digital Investment?
    Nearly half of organisations may be throwing away money and competitive advantage because their C-suite isn’t engaged enough in cybersecurity. These are the headline findings of new research from Tren ...
  5. Roundtable 1 - Finding SASE’s Holy Grail - The Business Value of Security Transformation
    Join Neil Thacker, current CISO EMEA at Netskope, ex CISO Swiss RE, Deutsche Bank & Camelot, and your peers for a concise executive discussion on achieving the ‘SASE Holy Trinity’ (cost efficiency, pe ...
  6. Roundtable 3 - Managing Cyber Defense with Limited Staff
    Join us to learn how our customers use NDaaS, Network Defense as-a-service to recognize the changing risks and threats of work from home and the adoption of hybrid/cloud networks, how the proper deplo ...
  7. Roundtable 5 - Preparing for a ransomware attack – how to formulate an action plan to mitigate risk
    Although IT remains an integral part of a strategy to defend against cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is no longer an IT issue. A robust cybersecurity strategy needs to be centred around managing business ...
  8. Round Table 4 - Is the complexity of your security architecture a threat to your business?
    The complexity that security products introduce can sometimes create more challenges than they resolve. But how can companies simplify security without introducing more risk? It’s time for the securit ...
Cloud & Cyber Security Keynote
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    More organisations are using complex, multi-cloud environments than ever before. This complexity makes them an attractive target for determined criminals, politically motivated hackers and insider thr ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Why does cloud make us think differently about security? It is far more than simply understanding the shared responsibility model and operating in someone else’s data centre. The move to cloud and sec ...
  1. No one-size-fits all: building a security function for the post-pandemic world
    IT security is often more an art than an exact science. Just look at the events of the past two years. Few organisations were prepared for what happened. And many are still putting the right pieces in ...
  2. The best of both worlds? Creating a flexible, secure multi-cloud environment
    A multi cloud environment allows you to pick and choose the best technology for the job from different providers – perhaps cheap storage from one cloud provider and the best apps from another. Multi-c ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Mitigating risks in software supply chain security
    In this engaging and inspiring session we’ll take a tour along the horizons of cloud cybersecurity technologies. Our panel of experts will look at how some of the most exciting technologies work, how ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Hybrid strategies: Cloud cybersecurity in a hybrid working world
    The cloud is, in many ways, the perfect technology to support a hybrid workplace, with staff connecting to enterprise systems as seamlessly from home as they do at the office. But this opens up severa ...
  3. Securing Applications from Vulnerabilities with Zero Trust
    In order to protect against the evolving threat landscape, we must change the way in which we protect our data against vulnerabilities. To adapt, organizations are operating within the framework that ...
  4. Reducing the Hybrid Cloud Attack Surface
    Join XM Cyber for an interactive discussion around how organisations often fail to leverage the attackers view when looking to secure critical assets and why we can no longer rely on traditional secur ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Fireside Chat: How to avoid multi cloud cybersecurity nightmares
    Ever more organisations are adopting a multi cloud approach, allowing staff to use apps and services from many different providers. This is great in theory, yet a complex infrastructure is a hacker’s ...
    • Zero Trust
    What Does Application Security Look Like in a Post Log4j World?
    The Log4shell vulnerability found in the Log4j logging framework has been recognized as one of the most critical vulnerabilities ever, open source or otherwise. And, while the dangers of the Log4j vul ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    What is Security Service Edge - How to start your journey to a unified cloud security architecture?
    Understand the key capabilities needed to enable the future of work, protect your data, and simplify operations.  In this session we map out how you can start your journey to a cloud native, cloud fir ...
Cloud Security Theatre 1
    • Emerging Tech
    With IT teams more stretched than ever, it is becoming increasingly challenging to monitor security data and identify suspicious activities. But this is where new machine learning techniques can help. ...
    • Emerging Tech
    Fireside chat: How to successfully rollout a security programme with strong developer adoption and buy in
    Security programmes have undergone major changes in recent years, to adapt to the changes that Agile development, DevOps pipelines and faster deployments brins. New DevSecOps programmes and models hav ...
    • Emerging Tech
    How an expired certificate can take down [insert your company name here]
    Digital certificates are everywhere within your organisation and are growing exponentially in number.Unfortunately, a missed certificate expiry or a sudden requirement to change out certificates in vo ...
    • Emerging Tech
    Unlocking The Business Value of SASE & SSE
    Join Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA at Netskope, Gartner Quadrant Leader in Security Service Edge, as he outlines how to achieve cost efficiency, performance & risk reduction during securty transformation. N ...
  1. Cloud-Native Runtime Security with Sysdig & Falco open source
    In this session, we’ll present Falco (a CNCF project for runtime security) along with Sysdig Secure (a commercial tool). We will show how to use Falco to tap into Linux system calls, the Kubernetes au ...
  2. Session sponsored by Sonatype
    We have to embrace the future, we have to take advantage of all the latest advances, seismic shifts are taking place and we need to ride that wave to a secure future. We are seeing many new trends and ...
    • Emerging Tech
    Best practice: Keeping pace with adversaries – how security awareness testing and training can bolster your cyber defences
    Phishing emails still account for the majority of crippling cyberattacks and while companies are responding by providing employees with some form of annual training, they often focus on overly simplis ...
    • Emerging Tech
    Cloud technologies can bring great advantages from cost savings, to resilience, but these benefits can come at a cost if we aren't careful.  With products, services, and projects being pushed to the C ...
    • Emerging Tech
    The Internet of Things promises to transform how the world works. This is very welcome, but far too many IoT technologies have prioritised innovation and speed over security. If companies are installi ...
Cloud Security Theatre 2
  1.  As a security professional, you can’t do everything. You need to focus your scant resources to do what you can, protect your mental health and retain your personal life. You need to get your colleagu ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Executive buy-in: Getting the board on board with cybersecurity
    An executive team that is engaged with cybersecurity in the cloud is much more likely to set an example for other employees. However, despite years of well-publicised cybersecurity breaches, many C-su ...
  2. Tech talk: Riding the waves – how to navigate the waters of cloud-native security
    Cloud-native and serverless technologies are gaining traction as organisations increasingly recognise the value of containers and Kubernetes in application development environments. Securing those env ...
  3. Normalizing AppSec Issues for Contextual Risk-Based Prioritization at Enterprise Scale
     For 25 years, AppSec professionals have focused on vulnerabilities on all fronts with ever-evolving tools and processes. These disconnected efforts have led to wasted time and slow delivery. It's tim ...
    • Security for a Multi Cloud World
    Global law firm DLA Piper has been undergoing a multiyear cloud migration, moving 400 workloads and troves of content from physical data centres. From the get-go, the firms infosec personnel were acti ...
  4. Combat Critical Cloud Vulnerabilities
    Cloud and containers are being adopted by a broad set of organizations as they try to maintain a competitive advantage. Security and capacity planning are ever-present obstacles to running a well-tune ...
Multi-Functional Zone Roundtables
  1. Roundtable 2 - Finding SASE’s Holy Grail - The Business Value of Security Transformation
    Join Neil Thacker, current CISO EMEA at Netskope, ex CISO Swiss RE, Deutsche Bank & Camelot, and your peers for a concise executive discussion on achieving the ‘SASE Holy Trinity’ (cost efficiency, pe ...
  2. Roundtable 4 - How top security leaders are rethinking their software supply chain
    Log4j, SolarWinds, Codecov, ua-parser-js; and this is just scratching the surface of the supply chain attack threat security leaders are being faced with. Join Aqua Security and Argon in discussing am ...
  3. Roundtable 1 - Protecting the crown jewels: A risk-led security approach to stop Ransomware
    Despite large investments in cyber security, breaches are still occurring, and the number of ransomware attacks are growing exponentially.  Defenders lack true visibility of the key risks to take a pr ...
  4. Roundtable 1 - How to optimize your DevSecOps journey
    In this session we'll talk about what a good DevSecOps journey looks like, based on real world experiences, best practices and pitfalls discovered by others.  Topics that we'll discuss include: How to ...
  5. Roundtable 2 - Practical Steps to Automate your Digital Identities and Keep your Business Running
    This roundtable will explore in detail the practical steps your organisation can take to automate certificate lifecycles and avoid system downtime, lost revenue or even a poor reputation. In this sess ...

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