Exhibitor Press Releases


  • iStorage cloudAshur presented with Publisher’s Choice Cloud Security InfoSec Award

    iStorage cloudAshur hardware encryption module wins Publisher’s Choice Cloud Security Award in the 8th Annual InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine 



  • iStorage discusses how to ensure data protection in the cloud and how organisations can encrypt, share and manage data securely.

  • McAfee also is the only Cloud Access Security Broker to achieve distinction for every one of the three years of this announcement

  • Palo Alto, Calif. (February 26, 2019) – Menlo Security, a leader in cloud security, today announced the launch of its 100 percent malware protection warranty. The company stands behind its ability to eliminate malware, including ransomware, and is offering a warranty of up to $1 million to cover its customers’ expenses if a malware attack is able to pass through the company’s Isolation CoreTM and cause an infection.

  • Embedding security, the right way

    25 Feb 2020 Jeff Williams, co-founder and CTO, Contrast Security
    DevOps has accelerated software development dramatically. Yet, with it, it has created a great deal of pain for traditional security teams raised up on performing relatively slow testing. Moving from ...
  • Darktrace Becomes the Official AI Cyber Security Partner of McLaren Racing

  • Reports of vulnerabilities and exploits are likely to rise in 2020. The number of CVEs has increased steadily over the past couple of years, and it has never fallen two years in a row. Also, given the increased fragmentation of hardware and software, and the adoption of large-scale open source and “tweaked” hardware design, we can likely expect a cascade effect when a vulnerably is found in a component and used en masse. These vulnerabilities will affect many vendors and manufacturers, potentially with profound consequences on consumers and organizations.

  • Building on 2019 market-leading momentum, new funding advances Snyk’s mission to bring developer-first security to every software-driven business.


  • Digital transformation is a force, propelling businesses to move faster and faster. Organisations that embrace it, implementing DevOps well and embracing the Cloud, are building a competitive gap in the market, while those who lag behind may never be able to recover. 

    However, the journey is not complete until Security joins the ride. As was with DevOps, organisations looking ahead and embracing DevSecOps and a dev-first security approach will see better business results than their peers. Right now it’s a leap of faith – in a few years it will be science.  

  • One of the first Certificate Authorities to retain both ISO27001 and ISO22301 certification

  • Protects Cloud Workloads in Runtime Against the Leading Cause of Cyber Attacks: Unauthorized and Malicious Code

  • CHELTENHAM, UK – January 8, 2020 – Information Risk Management (IRM) today announces the appointment of Matt Griffiths as Sales Director.

  • Significant growth of digital signature usage and customers, IoT initiatives and integrations mark another year of expansion for leading certificate authority

  • Financing Accelerates Automated Penetration Testing Platform Market Expansion

  • Contrast Security, the pioneer in enabling self-protecting software, today announces the availability of .NET Core support on Contrast Community Edition (CE). Contrast CE is a free and full-strength application security platform that provides "always on" Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) for software applications and APIs.

  • According to Tripwire’s survey, 93% of ICS security professionals at energy, manufacturing, chemical, dam, nuclear, water, food, automotive and transportation organizations were concerned about cyberattacks causing operational shutdown or customer-impacting downtime. In an effort to prepare against such threats, 77% have made ICS cybersecurity investments over the past two years, but 50% still feel that current investments are not enough.

  • Avast’s Global PC Risk Report uncovers global risk ratio of the most ‘at risk’ countries

  • In September last year, Facebook confirmed a massive data breach, where attackers had access to 50 million accounts. We do not know exactly what attackers did with the stolen data, but in most cases i ...
  • SentinelOne, the autonomous endpoint protection company, today released the S1 Mobile Admin app, its first-ever mobile application enabling management of the SentinelOne platform directly from the convenience of iOS and Android devices. SentinelOne’s S1 Mobile Admin app allows authorized administrators to view active endpoint threats detected via SentinelOne’s agent, disconnect compromised endpoints and gather advanced threat information directly from their mobile device to be reported back to enterprise SOC teams.

  • Improved configuration, scalability and availability of nShield Connect XC benefits cloud, IoT and blockchain HSM deployments

  • SentinelOne, the autonomous endpoint protection company, today unveiled SentinelOne Ranger – turning every protected endpoint into a network detection device capable of identifying and controlling every IoT and connected device on a network. Converging EPP and EDR into a proprietary single agent architecture, SentinelOne is the first and only cybersecurity vendor to expand into the IoT space with the same single codebase and deployment model. 

  • Introducing Active EDR

    28 Feb 2019 Migo Kedem

    Today we are pleased to announce the revolutionary technology of ActiveEDR. ActiveEDR solves the problems of EDR as you know it by tracking and contextualizing everything on a device. ActiveEDR is able to identify malicious acts in real time, automating the required responses and allowing easy threat hunting by searching on a single IOC.  Read more to understand how we got here and how we created the first and only EDR that is truly active.

  • Over the two-day event, NTT Security will have five speakers participating in conference sessions, including Nathan Britton, Manager Application and Cloud Security Practice for the UK, who will call on businesses to bring their ‘A game’ to cloud security during his session on Tues 12 March (11:25-11:50) in the Cloud Security Innovation Strategies & Service Providers Theatre. Nathan will share examples of how NTT Security’s practical approach to cloud security has helped organisations design and deploy the right controls and focus time and resources to reduce the risk of cloud adoption.

    He comments: “Fears around cloud security have not held back rates of adoption, just increased the anxiety of security professionals. We want to help cloud and security professionals understand what is being deployed in the cloud and how to ensure the right security controls are in place. Importantly, we will highlight the need for a consistent and secure approach, while continuously monitoring cloud security and compliance.”

    Additional speakers sessions include:

    ‘How to avoid reinventing the GRC wheel in the cloud’ 
    (13:10-13:35 on Tues 12 March, Cyber Innovations & GRC Theatre) 
    Majid Ali, Principal Security Consultant, GRC Practice UK and Abdul Nyoka, Principal Security Consultant, GRC Practice, NTT Security will share their experience of common pitfalls in cloud compliance, how to avoid them and take advantage of cloud providers’ technical and governance expertise to reduce cost/risk.

    ‘The terrain to actionable intelligence’ 
    (13:25-13:50 on Tues 12 March, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Keynote Theatre) 
    Azeem Aleem, VP Consulting & Head of UK Business, NTT Security will analyse the maturity journey required to achieve intelligence-driven security. Explaining the value of adopting the right, proven tactical approach and predictive analytics, he will encourage discussion on how to develop innovative cyber defence, discovery, architectural design, testing, implementation, and operations.

    ‘Changing old thinking about operational technology to manage new risks’ 
    (16:05-16:30 on Tues 12 March, Security of Things Theatre) 
    David Gray, Senior Manager & Practice Lead, NTT Security will examine how organisations are establishing and assessing the internet of risk within their operational technology (OT) landscape, what impact the right threat intelligence can make to detect and disrupt OT attacks, and why forensic analysis really matters for long term OT resilience.

    ‘Make the first 24 hours count!’ 
    (14:10-14:35 on Weds 13 March, Cyber Threats, Intelligence & Response Theatre) 
    Daniel Saunders, Senior Incident Response Consultant, NTT Security, will show the value of implementing an effective incident response plan that helps organisations respond effectively within those first 24 hours and beyond to minimise the impact and cost of an incident, as well as protecting valuable data and intelligently adapting to prevent further attacks.

    Additional information

    For more information on NTT Security at Cloud Expo: 

    For information on NTT Communications at Cloud Expo: 

  • GMO GlobalSign (www.globalsign.com), a global Certificate Authority and leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced two of the company’s secur ...


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