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Securing the Cloud

This theme is all about creating a robust and adaptable cloud security strategy in the face of rapidly advancing technologies.

Explore the critical elements of securing modern cloud infrastructures.

IT security leaders will get involved in discussions on protecting hybrid and multi-cloud environments, leveraging Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), and deploying Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for edge computing.

Delve into how encryption, identity, and access management strategies can safeguard data across different cloud platforms.

Address data privacy concerns and the importance of compliance in cloud environments. 

People at the Frontline

This theme highlights the significance of people in building and maintaining strong cyber security defences.

We put a spotlight on the humans behind the cybersecurity scene, examining talent shortages and exploring ways to manage burnout in this high-pressure field.

Conversations around ethical hackers, pioneers in cyber security, and the importance of diverse and inclusive teams will paint a picture of the industry’s present and future.

Delegates can also explore the importance of soft skills in cybersecurity and strategies to foster a security culture. 

Conquering the Evolving Threat Landscape

Here, we tackle the ever-evolving cyber security threats in the digital era.

This theme emphasises the need for agility, preparedness, and continuous learning in the face of growing cyber threats.

With topics ranging from threat detection and response to ransomware and state-sponsored attacks, we aim to cover the breadth of current threats.

Examine the potential impacts of emerging technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence on the threat landscape.

Discussions will also include the role of Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) and predictive threat intelligence in proactive defence. 

Building a Blueprint for Trust

This theme focuses on the strategic aspects of cybersecurity.

Take a deep dive into the Zero Trust model, governance best practices, and regulations that guide the field.

Discussions will extend to how businesses can achieve ROI on cyber security investments, the role of cyber insurance, and the importance of aligning cybersecurity initiatives with executive leadership.

Risk management, data protection strategies, and the role of a strong security culture will also be covered.

Crucially, we’ll cover how to effectively communicate cyber risks to non-technical executives and board members.

This theme highlights the intersection of cyber security, business strategy, and corporate governance. 

The Future of Cyber Security

Attendees will explore the horizon of cyber security.

Discussions will cover the promise and peril of artificial intelligence, the potential of emerging tech such as blockchain, and the increasing role of biometrics in security.

Examine the security implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) and anticipate what the future may hold for privacy.

Additionally, the ethical and societal implications of these technologies will be considered.

This theme offers a forward-thinking perspective on the future challenges and opportunities in cyber security. 

Fortifying Industry 4.0

This theme focuses on the sector-specific security challenges and solutions.

We will explore the unique cyber security considerations for operational technology, strategies for securing the supply chain, and the impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Through examining industry-specific case studies, attendees will gain insight into the diverse cyber landscapes across different sectors.

This theme emphasises that effective cyber security practices are not one-size-fits-all and highlights the need for tailored approaches to protect industries.

Attend Cloud & Cyber Security Expo on 6-7 March 2024 at ExCeL London

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is designed for C-level staff, IT security leaders, managers and key decision makers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.

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